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We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.
-William James
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Peace and Loveism - Experience the Consciousness Shift
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Written by Soulthriller   
Friday, 30 November 2012 00:00


To be a leading influence in the positive social transformation of humanity


Our Goals

We wish for humanity to experience a positive global shift in consciousness

We strive to spread awareness about the universal truths of reality

We provide assistance with self-growth and self-realization

We are a repository of knowledge and information that will enhance one's quest for self-realization

We believe the mindstates of peace and love as being essential in solving societal problems


What We Do

We exist in order to assist with the progressive evolution of humanity's consciousness to one that is driven by the experiential states of peace and love. A shift in consciousness is not going to occur sometime in the distant future, but has already been occurring, largely thanks to the model of interconnectedness called the Internet and also because of the extropic nature of the human experience.

Awareness of the Self as being the primary locus of change is being realized. Without positioning awareness at one's highest levels of be-ing, it is impossible to have a beneficial societal transformation.

At Peace and Loveism, we wish to be an expander of awareness, as well as a center for the acquisition of knowledge of the fundamental and higher aspects of existence. We aspire to being a leader in providing information that will allow people to shift their consciousness so that they will be able to do their part in the evolution of the transpersonal consciousness of humanity.


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