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Peace and Loveism is focused on the positive social transformation of humanity. It was created in response to the significant events developing and occurring in recent years, that are directing humanity down a path that will severely delay human advancement, progress, and conscious evolution. A profound consciousness shift is taking place at this very moment and is speeding up in a wonderful and transformational way among many in our human family.

Our website and organization is comprised of an interactive community forum, a wiki repository of knowledge and information, and a multifaceted blog that focuses on spiritual growth, self-improvement, and social transformation. We aspire to become an organization and a movement that will help humanity redirect its course towards a more promising future. Our ultimate vision is supramental transformation of the human race.

Through experience, we find that positive energy is easier to manifest than negative energy, even if that may not seem to be the case superficially for an individual. With this in mind, we believe that if individuals were to shift their consciousness to such mind states as of peace and love, all darkness/negativity would be transformed into these light/positivity as well. This is not just wishful thinking, but an idea that is backed up by recent consciousness studies, which we have written about in depth, as well as experiential manifestations from the past several thousand years.

Peace and Loveism is owned and operated by Paul Lenda, a 25 year old conscious evolution guide, author (The Creation of a Consciousness Shift), self-realization coach, musician (Turquoise Memories), and intentional evolutionary that wishes provide the knowledge and tools for others to change and create a consciousness shift within themselves, since this will have the effect of transforming the world and humanity in the most serene manner.

Paul is available for speaking engagements, radio and television interviews and print articles concerning his writing.




If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or desire to be part of a partnership or promotional website exchange program of some kind, send an email to contact[at]peaceandloveism.com

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